Dear people in their forties to people over 60,

Patrimoine Villages would like to draw your attention to its well-known activities around the re-use of castles and historic buildings in the Benelux and the border areas around it.
It all started with Immocommerce, which started in 1990 as an advisory purchase broker for combi real estate living and working, specializing in tourist-commercial real estate.

Who are we?
Patrimoine Villages formerly Immocommerce has been involved for decades in the redevelopment of mainly castles in France (since 1991), but over the years our field of activity has shifted to the Benelux and the border areas with Germany and France. There is also interest in such projects from Sweden and Denmark.

What are we doing?
We bring historical, often obsolete real estate such as castles and monasteries, but also historical and industrial heritage to the attention of private individuals aged 40 to 60+ who will jointly give it a new purpose by splitting it up into several residential units, guest houses, etc. or a combination of living and working with a B&B, for example.

In order to realize such an ambitious project, Vincent Noordman has an international network of real estate agents, notaries, appraisers, architects, accountants, financial advisers, etc.

We are looking for several castles and other types of real estate suitable for division in the Benelux and adjacent areas and of course we are also looking for candidates who want to participate in such a project. Our target group is 40 to 60+.

Are you interested in such partial ownership? Or do you want to submit a project to us?
Please let us know by e-mail

We are curious about your response,

Vincent Noordman

Founder & Owner